In the MeezMaker I clicked an item to try it on, but it doesn't appear on my Meez.
First, you can wait a little while; some items take longer to load than others. You can also try to reload the page. If none of those options work, contact us and we'll try to help you out.
In the MeezMaker when I add certain items to my Meez, other items disappear. What's happening?
Currently, your Meez can only have one item from most categories. For example:
  • One top (shirt, sweater, coat)
  • One bottom (pants, shorts, skirt)
  • One tattoo
  • One piercing
  • One beauty item (make-up, freckles) or one facial hair
  • One animation
  • One background
What is this "born on" stuff?
Your can use your Meez on several sites --, Photobucket, AIM -- but each site is slightly different from the other. This will let you go back to your home site in case you're feeling lost.
I can't figure this thing out! Can you help me?
Let us know and we'll do our best to help.