AIM-Related Questions

How do I send my Meez to AIM?
If you don't have a account, go to, make a Meez, then save it. After you save, you'll be prompted to send your Meez to AIM. If you already have a account, you can use that Meez with AIM. Go to, log in, go to the Exports section, and click "Send to AIM". Once you verify your AIM screenname, we'll send your Meez to AIM.
What do I have to type to make my Meez animate in the AIM window?
Your Meez will respond to lots of common phrases and emoticons like "LOL" or ":O" or "dance". We're also going to add new ones all the time. Watch out for news on new trigger words!
How can I see my Meez instead of my friend's Meez in the AIM window?
In the AIM chat window, click the paintbrush icon on the lower right side and choose "Show my expression." You can switch back to the other expression by clicking the same icon and choosing "Show my buddy's expression."
The Meez won't load in the AIM window.
Try closing then reopening the chat window. If that doesn't work, ask us for help.
Why doesn't my Meez always animate right away?
Your animations have to download from our servers before playing in AIM. If the animation doesn't work on the first try, wait a little while and try again.
How do I change my Meez once it's in the AIM window?
Click the "Meez" logo beneath your Meez to go back to the MeezMaker and make changes. When you're done with your changes, click the "Save" button. Finally, go to the Exports section and send your Meez to AIM. Your Meez will be updated shortly afterwards.
A debugger window keeps popping up whenever I start a chat with someone who has a Meez Expression.
You have Internet Explorer debugging enabled. Open Internet Explorer, then from the Tools menu select Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, please make sure that the "Disable Script Debugging" entries have checkmarks and "Display a notification about every script error" is not checked. You may need to restart AIM and close any Internet Explorer windows for this to take effect.
Where can I download the latest version of Flash?
To install the latest version of Flash, please click here.